The Wedding Party


Who doesn’t want the best, brightest, and most loving people surrounding them on their big day?! Kara and Mike put a lot of thought into the ladies and gents that would be standing beside them as they say “I do”!

Here’s the lineup:

• Kara’ Ladies •

Victoria Klein – Maid of Honor and soulmates (read: friends that have practically lived the same life)

Elisabeth Day – Bridesmaid and roomies for life (sorry Mike; once college roomies, always college roomies)

Tamara Swoager – Bridesmaid and little sister (spend 5 minutes with them and you’d think they were actually related)
Becca Powers – Bridesmaid and soon to be sister-in-law (Mike can’t get a word in when they’re together)
Jamie Powers – Bridesmaid and soon to be sister-in-law (They’re both sassy and it’s meant to be. That is all.)

• Mike’s Men •

Kris Burke – Best Man and connoisseur of raisin toast. (Ask him! I’m sure he has reccomendations!)

Matt Rodriguez – Groomsman and the only Eagles fan that I’d let in my wedding party. #GoCowboys!
Liam Powers – Groomsman and brother, and professional luger. Kara and Liam bonded over Liams love of luging… ask them about it!
Jeff Quigly – Groomsman and bearded bro! (Seriously, this guy gives me beard envy… Kara is thankful I can’t grow one like his!)