Fun Facts

Our adventure as a couple has a lot of little details that most people may not know about, but they make for a really fun story! So here’s some of the little things that people probably don’t know…

  • Mike temporarily scared Kara off back in November 2013 because he said she was beautiful in a snapchat #toosoon
  • Kara wanted (and continued to drop not so subtle hints) flowers. Mike didn’t give her flowers till 6 months into their relationship and surprised her with a bouquet waiting in her hotel room during her first trip to visit him!
  • Valentines day 2013 (their first together), Kara unknowingly picked out the flavor of the cupcakes Mike was sending her when he sneakily asked her what her favorite latte flavor was. She had just finished telling him that she was cutting out her coffee budget to save money and thought he was being insensitive! Little did she know she’d receive cupcakes a week later!
  • Mike and Kara attempted to meet in April 2014… but literally every hotel in the city of Philadelphia was sold out, and Kara had no where to stay.
  • Mike and Kara had a joke before they first met, that the only thing Mike wanted was for Kara to, at the very least, open the hotel door when he knocked. (PS. She did!)
  • In December 2013 Kara sent coffee to Mike from his favorite Pittsburgh coffee shop. Mike is sure that Kara sent it to flirt. Kara STILL TO THIS DAY denies that was the purpose.
  • Kara first figured out Mike was interested when he sent her a screenshot of his Starbucks card and told her to go get herself a coffee, his treat.
  • Kara showed the aforementioned screenshot to a few of her friends because she was so surprised by his thoughtfulness. They all squealed with delight because they were convinced he was “the one”.
  • Mike and Kara had their first date at The Cellar, a restaurant in Brigantine
  • Kara and Mike used to have “facetime dates” while they were long distance. They watched the 2014 Olympics together every night for the whole 2 weeks!
  • They would also plan to eat dinner at the same time and have “dinner dates” via facetime!
  • Mike started to notice things with them were getting serious when his siblings began to take the iPad from him and talk to Kara almost as much as he was talking to her!
  • Kara and Mike kept their relationship a secret for the first 6 months because they were afraid that the distance would interfere with their future. Obviously that didn’t end up being a factor because a couple months after they began publicizing things, Mike moved to Pittsburgh!
  • Mike and Kara both love sports. Except for one minor detail. Mike loves the Cowboys and the Flyers. Kara loves the Steelers and the Penguins.

If you want to read the whole story (its not THAT long, promise!) you can read that over here.